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I am <legend>: the form element with special powers

If you know anything about web accessibility, then you probably already know that all <input> elements need to have a <label> (or failing that, an aria-supplied label).

What you may not know is what to do when you have something like this:

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Responsive Gmail Part 2: MailChimp

Hi kids! In last week's episode, you learned about some of the limitations of Gmail's new support for responsive email designs, along with some tips for getting around those limitations.

This time we're going to take those tips and apply them to another scenario that has a few gotchas—MailChimp custom templates.

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Getting responsive with Gmail

As many of you will know, Gmail recently started supporting responsive email by allowing full-on <style> tags with media queries, ids, classes, and so on (cue parting clouds with heavenly music).